Who would kill for a Heathcote Shiraz?  - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Who would kill for a Heathcote Shiraz? 

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of mystery and suspense as local independent performing arts company Synchronicity brings Bendigo novelist Colin King’s A Vintage Death to life on stage. Set against the backdrop of Bendigo, this thrilling tale promises to transport audiences into the heart of a captivating whodunit.

The Ulumbarra Foundation awarded a Power Up grant to help the production use cutting-edge multimedia and an LED wall to bring out the richness, depth and complexity of King’s novel. It promises to be an amazing immersive storytelling experience.

Synchronicity’s Geoff Collishaw described the plot as, ”an emotionally troubled detective working on a 14-year-old cold case stumbles upon a new death and believes they are connected, but the new case is assigned to his nemesis.”

A Vintage Death is performing from 27th August, 2024 at The Engine Room. Tickets will be available in April here.

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