FAQs - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ulumbarra Foundation?

The Ulumbarra Foundation has been established to attract philanthropic support for Central Victoria’s performing arts.  A strong performing arts sector with the ability to contribute to its own development will benefit regional residents and businesses alike by adding to the rich tapestry of cultural experiences in Central Victoria.  Named to recognise Bendigo’s world-class performance theatre, The Ulumbarra Foundation is the only charity in Central Victoria devoted to performing arts.

What is the purpose of the Ulumbarra Foundation?

The Foundation’s purpose is to benefit the development and delivery of performing arts at Bendigo’s unique arts venues, notably Ulumbarra Theatre, The Capital, Bendigo Town Hall and The Engine Room.  The Foundation’s activities will also support performing arts organisations, artists and the wider regional community through inspirational programs and funding initiatives.

What are the objectives of the Ulumbarra Foundation?

  • To provide a framework to enable new funding sources to flow to Central Victoria’s performing arts programs, venues and artists.
  • To attract philanthropic support.
  • To raise awareness of and wide participation in performing arts programs and venues.
  • To develop and engage regional artists, audiences and communities.
  • To improve facilities and foster community strengthening activities.
  • To promote and deliver new programming and attract new audiences.

Who are the Board Members?

A high-calibre board of directors manages the Foundation and is charged with leading efforts to raise funds and develop opportunities for performing arts in Bendigo and Central Victoria. Board Members are: Carolyn Stanford, Margaret Keech OAM, Dale Pearce, Nigel McGuckian, Vicki Pearce, Robin Bragg, Pip Johanson and Rob Blum.

How can I support?

Make a donation

From opera to ballet, plays, musicals and orchestras, philanthropy is the lifeblood of performing arts institutions around the world. It is only with the support of individuals, trusts, foundations and bequests that established performing arts communities are able to survive and produce world class artistry. With more than 5,000 Australian philanthropic organisations distributing some $50 million annually, it is vital that Central Victoria’s performing arts community positions itself to benefit from this generosity. Bendigo has a thriving performing arts community that is as deserving of philanthropic support as its metropolitan counterparts. A donation of any amount can be made here and donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Planned Giving Program – Bequests

Remember the Ulumbarra Foundation in your will and invest your legacy in enriching the lives of Central Victorians. Your generosity will help deliver unique performing arts programs and projects throughout our large and small communities.  Leaving a remembrance in your will can take several different forms:

  • Specific bequest – a gift from your estate of a specific item such as property, shares or a sum of money.
  • Percentage bequest – a percentage bequest instructs a set portion or percentage of your estate to be granted to the Ulumbarra Foundation.
  • Residual bequest – a residual bequest is what is left of your estate after making your gifts to family and friends but is not a specific amount of money.

We encourage you to discuss these options with your solicitor, trustee or will preparer.

If you would also like to have a confidential discussion with someone from the Ulumbarra Foundation about your plans for leaving a remembrance, or to discuss how your gift might be used, email info@ulumbarrafoundation.org.au

Annual Giving Program

The Ulumbarra Foundation’s annual giving program gives performing arts supporters the ability to support specific projects and activities, while enjoying a deeper sense of involvement in the performing arts in Bendigo.  Contributors to the annual giving program may join the Founders Circle, or become Foundation Patrons or Ensemble Donors of the Ulumbarra Foundation.

What are current projects of the Ulumbarra Foundation?

Community Connections

The Community Connections program provides a quality performing arts experience to individuals who may not have otherwise been able to attend a performance, due to social or economic disadvantage, or distance.

The aims of Community Connections are to:

  • Inspire and delight new performing arts audiences
  • Bring joy to individuals previously unfamiliar with performing arts
  • Expose and integrate community members, including Aboriginal and refugee communities, to Bendigo arts and culture
  • Promote and facilitate social inclusion for less-engaged residents
  • Broaden the positive social outcomes of performing arts activities
  • Support and enhance the purposes of the Ulumbarra Foundation

Further information: info@ulumbarrafoundation.org.au


Education and Engagement

The Education and Engagement program supports students interested in performing arts and others wishing to develop their skills, as well as engage and educate all students through performing arts workshops, classes, performance and education.

It aims to:

  • Develop opportunities for local performing arts students and others to connect with national touring companies staging performances in Bendigo.
  • Strengthen pathways to industry and further education.
  • Strengthen the connection between young people and the performing arts in Bendigo and surrounding areas.

The program funds the part time position of an Education and Engagement officer within the City of Greater Bendigo’s Bendigo Venues & Events team. The Education and Engagement officer’s role includes building a network of school contacts and raising awareness of the opportunities available for school children through visiting performances

Further information: info@ulumbarrafoundation.org.au


Performing Arts Power-Up

The Ulumbarra Foundation’s Performing Arts Power-up grants program has been created to support the City of Greater Bendigo’s performing arts organisations, through two rounds of funding of up to $5000 per round.  Applications must be prepared in accordance with these Application Guidelines and only online applications will be accepted.

Date may vary, but Round 1 applications generally open in March, and Round 2 in August each year.

Further information and application guidelines here