Young musicians spread joy in the community - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Young musicians spread joy in the community

A Power Up grant from the Ulumbarra Foundation helped to give Bendigo high school students the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded musicians, and connect with their communities. Power Up also supported one-on-one lessons to help students play more advanced repertoires.

Under the guidance of John Noble’s Quartet Program, Itet, these budding musicians were privileged to work alongside the Flinders Quartet during a special visit to Bendigo. The highlight of this collaboration was a heartwarming performance held for the staff, families, and residents of Bentleys Aged Care in East Bendigo.

“Residents reminisced about their own history with music, and truly appreciated watching students perform alongside their professional mentors,” said John.

In a remarkable display of talent and unity, all 10 Itet ensembles, comprising over 50 musicians from across Victoria, came together in 2023 for a breathtaking performance at the ABC Iwaki Auditorium in Melbourne (below). Led by Artistic Director John Noble, the orchestra mesmerised the audience with a rendition of Max Richter’s “Spring” before captivating them with their own solo pieces. The evening reached its pinnacle with a moving string orchestra arrangement of Hisaishi’s Howl’s Moving Castle leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

“Thanks to the Ulumbarra Foundation, our Bendigo musicians continue to enjoy an incredible year of mentoring and performance opportunities,” John added.

John is currently welcoming new members to join his dynamic Chamber Music program. If you are a teacher or student who would benefit from being a part of this enriching experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to John at 0414 524 626.

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