Generous partnerships propel Bendigo Symphony Orchestra’s success - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Generous partnerships propel Bendigo Symphony Orchestra’s success

When the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra (BSO) next takes to the stage on Sunday September 17 to perform Scheherazade, it will be doing so following a $60,000 investment that has allowed it to purchase a professional set of orchestra chairs and music stands.

Generous donations made possible due to the support of the Ulumbarra Foundation and the McKern Family has made this acquisition possible, and includes music stands, a range of adjustable orchestra chairs, double bass chairs, percussion chairs and a conductor’s chair.

Carolyn Stanford, Chair of the Ulumbarra Foundation, said the Foundation was proud to support BSO and nurture its remarkable journey. “The joint efforts of the Foundation and McKern family have enabled the orchestra to not only maintain but also enhance its presence in Bendigo’s cultural landscape. BSO’s performances at both The Capital and Ulumbarra Theatre have been nothing short of spectacular. This equipment purchase further supports the orchestra’s growth and aligns with the Foundation’s purpose to benefit the development and delivery of performing arts at Bendigo’s unique arts venues,” Ms Stanford said.

Michael McKern, on behalf of the McKern family, said it was important to support arts and culture in Greater Bendigo and the BSO’s continual success. “Investing in the arts is investing in the soul of our community. Supporting local talent and organisations like BSO ensures that they can flourish and continue to contribute to our cultural richness,” Mr McKern said.

These new, essential equipment pieces will be housed at Ulumbarra Theatre, thanks to BSO’s Performance Partnership with Bendigo Venues & Events (BV&E), ensuring they are available for use by the wider community.

Nigel McGuckian, Chair of BSO, said he was very excited and appreciative of the BSO’s partnership with BV&E. “We are thrilled to be a Performance Partner of BV&E. This collaboration not only gives our musicians world class venues to perform in but this new professional equipment has a home at Ulumbarra Theatre, making it accessible to other community groups when they perform there. The BSO is excited to continue sharing the magic of orchestral music with Bendigo’s vibrant community.”

BSO continues to thrive, attracting record-breaking audiences during its 2023 season. BSO’s third concert of the season, Scheherazade, scheduled for Sunday September 17, has generated unprecedented interest and anticipation.

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