Bendigo Youth Orchestra launches with your support - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Bendigo Youth Orchestra launches with your support

The Ulumbarra Foundation is very pleased to be a helping hand in bringing together wonderful music teachers from schools through Central Victoria to create a new organisation, Bendigo Youth Music. This group aims to bring together young musicians and offer an opportunity to learn and play together.

Cally Bartlett Secretary of Bendigo Youth Music remarks on the purpose of the group, “We are striving to create enriching musical experiences for young people in Central Victoria by providing outstanding instruction in an inclusive and specialised environment with an ongoing commitment to excellence.”

The organisation will run a music camp in April 2024, followed by a performance at the Ulumbarra Theatre. This project is reforming the Bendigo Youth Orchestra to broaden opportunities for students to learn and grow.

If you would like to be a part of enriching these students lives and creating more opportunity for the performing arts donate here