Transforming young lives with notes of hope! - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Transforming young lives with notes of hope!

What began as a coffee conversation between school teachers and local musicians in Bendigo has blossomed into a vibrant musical initiative for young people in Central Victoria. Inspired by a shared passion for music education, the Ulumbarra Foundation was approached to support this budding vision, resulting in the creation of a Youth Orchestra. This orchestra focuses on intensive rehearsal sessions culminating in a final concert.

“We are striving to create enriching musical experiences for young people in Central Victoria by providing outstanding instruction in an inclusive and specialised environment with an ongoing commitment to excellence,” said Cally Bartlett, Secretary of Bendigo Youth Music.

Each section of the orchestra worked on their parts away from the orchestra before coming back together. In March, the music students also had the privilege of working with the Royal Australian Navy Band and presenting their workshopped pieces. All proceeds from the Navy’s concert was donated to Bendigo Youth Music.

All the hard work culminated in an intensive non-residential music camp from 3rd-5th April 2024, concluding with a stunning performance at Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo. Jenny Going, Principal Conductor of the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra, conducted the performance, which earned loud and appreciative applause from the audience.

The students thanked the organisers and teachers for the program.

“It was a privilege to perform with the orchestra at Ulumbarra Theatre,” said a student … “I gained so much knowledge from the talented tutors and our amazing conductor. This was a great experience performing with so many other talented musicians.”

One of the parents hoped the youth orchestra can become a permanent feature of the region.

“The music tutors are awesome. They encourage young musicians to go further and beyond and make rehearsal so much fun. We are amazed how professional a group of young musicians can perform after three days of rehearsal.”

Chair of Bendigo Youth Music Stephen Briggs said BYM is looking to build on the success of the orchestra and grow the opportunities for young musicians in the region.

Donate now to help the Ulumbarra Foundation foster a thriving musical community and provide young people with valuable life skills and experiences that will inspire them for years to come.

Watch this clip of the young orchestra performing the Pirates of Penzance below courtesy of Tangerine Creative!