Power Up Grant Fuels Artistic Innovation in Bendigo - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Power Up Grant Fuels Artistic Innovation in Bendigo

A small grant from the Ulumbarra Foundation helped unlocked significant opportunities for Bendigo-based independent arts company, David Gagliardi Pty Ltd. Led by the visionary artist David Gagliardi, the company is committed to “art for change” through immersive, music-based experiences that transcend traditional artistic boundaries.

Gagliardi’s inaugural major work, Everyone Goes To Heaven In The Clothes They Died In, is a powerful piece that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, and fosters meaningful dialogues about life, death, and everything in between. The work consists of a composition for 6 pianos, illustration, animation, video art, sound and lighting design.

The digital production of this groundbreaking work was completed in January 2024, thanks to in-kind sponsorship from Swinburne University and S1T2. This innovative project is now attracting interest from major venues and festivals across Australia for its live-stage version, promising to reach an even broader audience.

David Gagliardi expressed gratitude for the Ulumbarra Foundation’s support, emphasising the critical role of seed funding.

“Opportunities for seed funding are extremely rare and your support provided one of the most important and scarce resources – time,” said Gagliardi.

“As argument and counter-argument gets faster and faster, and creative content is driven towards TikTok’s ‘infinite loop’ we need our artists to go deeper. We need our artists to generate works that give our audience deeper and broader experiences of the challenges and perspectives around us – to help us make sense of the world we find ourselves in.”

The seed funds not only facilitated the completion of the digital production but also enabled Gagliardi to garner support from 13 organisations and 29 individual donors. The production provided professional opportunities for 29 Victorian creatives, including 18 from the regional creative community and three young Bendigo pianists.

You can help the Ulumbarra Foundation work as a catalyst for artistic innovation and community engagement in Greater Bendigo by donating here.