Nurturing Young Talent in the Performing Arts: Tom Marchant's Journey - Ulumbarra Foundation
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Tom Marchant

Nurturing Young Talent in the Performing Arts: Tom Marchant’s Journey

Tom MarchantThe Ulumbarra Foundation has been instrumental in shaping the future of young Bendigo actor, Tom Marchant, through its Performing Arts Mentor Program. Theatre-maker, actor, voice-over artist, and teacher, Stephen Phillips, took Tom under his wing to help him navigate the early stages of his career and achieve his dream of becoming a screen actor and stage performer.

Stephen Phillips brings a wealth of experience to the table, having graced productions with the Melbourne Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare, Malthouse Theatre, and International Arts Festivals and he continues to tour internationally.

Tom’s journey began in Bendigo’s community theatre scene, where he honed his skills through various plays and musicals, earning accolades like Best Supporting Actor for his role in Shrek. His talent caught wider attention, leading to roles in the award-winning short film Cactus & Mime, an Aria Award-nominated music video, and filming on location for a feature film.

In his nomination for the 2023 RAW Arts Awards—Bendigo’s prestigious youth arts prize and showcase—Tom said, “I want to continue training and working in the performing arts field and ultimately forge a career as an all-around performer on stage and screen. Stephen helped me to focus my training on becoming a commercial performer for longevity and success.”

Tom’s commitment is evident in his diverse training regimen, which includes dance lessons, vocal training, acting classes, piano lessons, and even dabbling in movie-making. This broad skill set is essential for a versatile performer, and Stephen’s mentorship has been crucial in refining Tom’s focus and technique.

Steve’s guidance also helped Tom and his mother Kylie realise there are lots of pathways for an acting career, including voice-overs for commercial advertising.

Kylie expressed profound gratitude, saying, “We are so grateful to the Ulumbarra Foundation for providing this opportunity. It has helped Tom maintain his tireless focus to work hard at honing his craft and to approach work opportunities with a professional mindset from an early age.”

Tom Marchant’s story is a testament to the power of mentorship and the Ulumbarra Foundation’s commitment to nurturing young talent in the performing arts.